Survey on Industry, Services and Construction 2022Oct

Industry, market services and construction
Opinion on the outlook for industrial production*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In industry, activity improved slightly in October, and increased more markedly in the machinery and equipment manufacturing, aeronautics, and computer and electronic equipment sectors as well as in the agri-food industry. Conversely, activity declined compared with the previous month in the automotive, wood and paper, chemical, plastics processing and wearing apparel and textiles sectors.
    According to business leaders, finished goods prices continued to rise this month, but with balance of opinion with a slowing trend.

    Order books stabilised above their long-term average.

    The balance of opinion on the cash position deteriorated again and from a historical perspective is now at extremely low levels.

    For November, the business leaders surveyed expect activity to continue to grow in industry.

Market Services
Opinion on the outlook for services activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In market services, there was continued growth in activity but at a slower rate. This slowdown affected most sectors but was most felt in information services and some personal services (hairdressers, home services) for which activity contracted this month. This decline also hit transport services affected by fuel shortages and to a lesser extent, the car rental sector.

    The business leaders surveyed indicated that their prices were continuing to rise. Staff levels continued to grow at a sustained pace.

    Business leaders generally expect a slight improvement in activity in November.

Opinion on the outlook for construction activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In the construction sector, activity saw little growth, and there was even a slight contraction in structural works.

    Order books deteriorated but remained above their long-term average. Business leaders reported that quote prices continued to rise, albeit at a slower pace than a few months ago.

    In November, construction sector activity is expected to change little, with a slight contraction in structural works and an improvement in finishing works.

* A positive (negative) balance of opinions corresponds to a rise (fall) in the evolution of activity. Balances of opinions may range from -200 to +200.

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Survey on Industry, Services and Construction
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Published on Wednesday, November 9, 2022