Survey on Industry, Services and Construction 2022Jun

Industry, market services and construction
  • In industry, activity remained stable in June. The pharmaceutical and rubber and plastics sectors reported strong rises, while chemicals and machinery and equipment saw falls compared with the previous month.
    According to business leaders, the rise in raw materials and finished goods prices slowed again this month while still remaining strong.

    Order books were stable.

    Business leaders expect activity to fall slightly in July, but the outlook remains highly uncertain.

Opinion on the outlook for industrial production*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
Market Services
  • In market services, activity grew slightly in June. The improvement was mainly seen in information services, publishing, advertising and market research, while transportation and storage saw sharp falls over the month.

    Business leaders indicated that prices were continuing to rise. Staff levels continued to grow at a sustained pace.

    The balance of opinion on cash positions stabilised slightly below its long-term average.

    Business leaders expect activity to rise at a moderate pace in July, but pointed to an increase in uncertainty.
Opinion on the outlook for services activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In construction, activity grew slightly in June, in both structural and finishing works.

    Order books fell back again but remained above their long-term average. Business leaders reported a further rise in quote prices.

    Activity should remain little changed in July according to surveyed business leaders.
Opinion on the outlook for construction activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
* A positive (negative) balance of opinions corresponds to a rise (fall) in the evolution of activity. Balances of opinions may range from -200 to +200.

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Survey on Industry, Services and Construction
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Published on Tuesday, July 12, 2022