Survey on Industry, Services and Construction 2022Jul

Industry, market services and construction
Opinion on the outlook for industrial production*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In industry, activity remained largely stable in July. In chemicals, electrical equipment, IT and agri-food it proved very robust, while in the automotive industry, rubber and plastics, and textiles and clothing, activity declined compared with the previous month.
    According to business leaders, the rise in raw materials and finished goods prices slowed again this month while still remaining strong.

    Order books weakened slightly.

    Business leaders expect activity to fall sharply in August but the outlook remains highly uncertain.

Market Services
Opinion on the outlook for services activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In market services, activity grew again in July. The improvement was primarily seen in the personal services sector (automotive repair, car rental services, accommodation). In the business services segment, activity proved robust in publishing, management consultancy and technical services, contrasting with advertising and legal and accounting activities.

    Business leaders indicated that prices were continuing to rise. Staff levels continued to grow at a sustained pace amidst a recovery in global demand.

    Surveyed businesses said they expect activity to rise further in August, at a very similar pace to that seen in July.

Opinion on the outlook for construction activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In construction, activity contracted in July, both in structural and finishing works.

    Order books stabilised above their long-term average. For the third consecutive month, business leaders reported a slowdown in the rise in quote prices.

    Business leaders expect activity to contract markedly in August.

The figures for activity expectation are to interpret with caution due to some inconsistencies in the answers given this month.

* A positive (negative) balance of opinions corresponds to a rise (fall) in the evolution of activity. Balances of opinions may range from -200 to +200.

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Survey on Industry, Services and Construction
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Published on Tuesday, August 9, 2022