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Financial overview of Investment Funds – France 2017Q1

Published on 05/24/2017
Net purchases in investment funds shares rise sharply

Money Market Funds: the consolidated outstanding amount reaches 342 billion at end March 2017 as a result of strong nets subscriptions (+34 billion), mainly from insurance companies (+13 billion) and non-financial corporations (+10 billion). This funding is mostly invested in short term debt securities (+24 billion). Over the last four quarters, investments of money market funds are concentrated in domestic (+ 19 billion) and Euro Area issuers (+11 billion).

Non-Money Market Funds: in the first quarter, net issuances of non-money market funds amount to 20 billion. They are subscribed mainly by resident insurance companies (+14 billion) and by banks located in the Euro Area (+10 billion). Non-money market funds invest mainly in investment fund shares (+10 billion) and in long term debt securities (+5 billion), mostly issued by non-residents (+8 billion for Euro Area and +7 billion for Non-Euro Area). Over the last four quarters, these funds mainly proceed to net purchases of other investment funds shares (+17 billion) and securities issued by non-financial corporations (+11 billion), but sell government securities (-9 billion).

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Financial overview of Investment Funds – France
  • Published on 05/24/2017
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Published on Wednesday, May 24, 2017