Monthly survey on retail trade 2022Jul

Turnover in retail trade contracted slightly in July

Note: The trend in retail sales does not reflect that of total household consumption: the latter includes other items such as health care, education and rents.

In July, turnover in retail trade fell slightly by 0.3% compared with June (adjusted for seasonal and working day variations). This change was mainly due to a 1.9% drop in sales of manufactured goods compared with June, particularly driven by the footwear (down 18.1%), textiles and clothing (down 6.9%) and sports equipment (down 5.4%) sectors. By contrast, sales of i) games and toys and ii) perfumes and hygiene products were buoyant with gains of 12.2% and 10.4%, respectively. Sales of food products also declined in July (down 0.2%) but to a far lesser extent than sales of manufactured goods.

Quarter-on-quarter, the 1.5% decrease in overall sales was driven by a 3.0% fall in sales of manufactured goods, while the contraction in food sales was more modest at 0.8%.
Total manufactured goods and food sales: M/M-1 change (%)
Month-on-month change; seasonally and working-day adjusted volume terms
Notes :
1) Sectors are classified according to the relative weight of the products included in the total aggregate of retail trade (weights are given on the right scale)
2) The aggregated and by sub-sector series are seasonally adjusted on an individual basis: the seasonally adjusted series do not represent the sum of the seasonally adjusted components

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Monthly survey on retail trade
  • Published on 08/19/2022
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Published on Friday, August 19, 2022