Loans to non financial corporations 2018Nov

Loans to non-financial corporations accelerate

Loans to non-financial corporations accelerate in November (+6.1%, up from +5.7% in October and +5.9% in September). This mainly reflects the acceleration in treasury loans (+6.5%, up from +4.9% in October).
Growth in equipment loans (+7.3%, down from +7.4% in October) and real estate credits (+5.3%, up from +5.1% in October) remains dynamic.

Outstanding amounts and annual growth rate (not seasonally adjusted)
(Outstanding amounts in EUR Bn, annual growth rates in %)
End-of-month level Annual growth rate
Nov-18 Sept-18 Oct-18 Nov-18
Total 1,010 5.9 5.7 6.1
Investment 713 6.4 6.4 6.5
Equipment 429 7.4 7.4 7.3
Real estate 284 4.9 5.1 5.3
Treasury 239 6.1 4.9 6.5
Other lending 57 0.3 0.2 0.6
Monthly changes in stocks of equipment loans (seasonally adjusted flows)
(Monthly flows in EUR Bn)
Monthly changes in stocks of treasury loans (seasonally adjusted flows *)
(Monthly flows in EUR Bn)
* Seasonal adjusted monthly net flows of other lending to NFC are allocated to treasury loans in proportion to the outstanding amounts.

Additional information
Non-financial corporations include all companies whose main activity is the production of goods and non-financial services, excluding sole proprietor and unincorporated partnerships.
Calculations are made with the aim to give the best possible image of the evolution of the lending activity:
- Loans that have been securitized or sold by credit institutions are considered as remaining in their books
- Accounting changes that are not reflecting economic transactions, in particular write-offs/write-downs, are eliminated
- The impact of statistical modifications in the scope of the MFI sector (e.g. the reclassification of an entity from the non-financial corporations sector to the government sector) is also eliminated
- As FX hedges are unknown, loans in foreign currencies are however taken into account at their face value in Euros at the end of the month
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Loans to non-financial corporations
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Loans to non financial corporations
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