Financing of non-financial corporations 2022Apr

The growth of financing of non-financial corporations strengthened

In April 2022, the annual growth of non-financial corporations financing in France reached 3.8%, after 2.9% in March. The growth rate of market financing settled at 1% in April 2022, against 0.7% in the previous month.

The cost of non-financial corporations financing slightly increased and reached 1.63% in April 2022, after 1.5% in the previous month, due to the rise in market rates.

Financing of non-financial corporations
(Gross stocks and flows in billions of euros, growth rate and interest rate in %)
Outstanding amount Annual net issuance Annual growth rate Cost of financing in euros
Apr- 2022 Apr- 2022 Mar-2022 Apr- 2022 Mar-2022 Apr- 2022
Financing of NFCs 1,976 71 2.9 3.8 1.50 1.63
- Of which : bank loans 1,269 65 4.2 5.4 1.22 1.14
- Of which : market financing 706 7 0.7 1.0 1.99 2.50
in euros 599 15 1.9 2.5
in currencies 107 -8 -5.7 -7.1
Annual growth rate, by type of financing (in %)
Average cost of financing in euros (in %)
Source and calculations : General Directorate of Statistics, Economics and International
Composition of non-financial corporate debt
Non-financial corporate debt in this « Stat Info » refers to debt securities issues (bonds and negotiable debt securities) subscribed by residents and non-residents as well as to the credits granted by resident credit institutions.

Negotiable debt securities include short-term commercial papers (less than one year) and medium-term negotiable notes. Further details on loans to non-financial corporations is available in the « Stat Info » referring to loans to non-financial corporations :
Overall non-financial corporate debt also includes bank loans from non-resident credit institutions. This measure can be found in the « Stat Info » related to non-financial sector debt :

The average cost of bank loans to non-financial corporations is computed using the monthly interest rate applied by French banks. This indicator only covers euro-denominated loans with a term of at least one year and with an initial amount of at least one million euros. It excludes revolving term facilities and overdratfs.

The average cost of market financing is calculated on the basis of month-end actuarial rates of return of alive securities. It only covers euro-denominated securities with an initial maturity longer than one year and with a fixed coupon rate. A specific calibration process using the yield curve is performed to align different maturities with a constant 5-year maturity. The average cost of market financing calculation methodology excludes extreme values.

The average cost of bank loans and the average cost of market financing cannot be directly compared since they often differ in their maturity horizon.

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Financing of non-financial corporations
STAT INFO - April 2022
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Financing of non-financial corporations
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