Financial overview of Investment Funds – France 2017Q4

Real Estate Funds increases by 20% in 2017 and reaches €100 billion

  • Real Estate Funds: Investment funds shares/units reach €100 billion at the end of December 2017, increasing by 20.5% since December 2016 (+€17 billions). Households owned 36% of the investment shares/units. Half of the building properties are offices (49%). Regardless the nature of the building, 60% is located in the region Ile de France (including Paris).

  • Non-Money Market Funds: In 2017, net inflows reach +€46 billion (high level since 2006), after -€4 billion in 2016. Subscriptions mainly come from resident (+€40 billion) especially Insurance companies and non-financial corporations. Over one year, net investments are primarily oriented towards debt securities (+€20 billion) and investment funds shares (+€17 billion) essentially abroad (+€34 billion)

  • Money Market Funds: Despite negative subscriptions on the two last quarter (respectively -€21 billion for Q4-2017 and -€7billion for Q3-2017), over one year the net inflows reach +€4billion, mainly from Insurances companies (+€13 billion). In 2017, the Money Market Funds invest in short term debt securities (+€12 billion) whereas they sell long term (-€8 billion).

Real Estate funds Focus
Balance sheet in Q4-2016 and Q4-2017
Assets Liabilities
2016 2017 2016 2017
Real estate assets (a) 61 68 Investment fund shares/units 83 100
of which buildings 49 52
Equity (b) and investment funds shares 22 30
Other assets 12 16 12 14
Total 95 114 Total 95 114

(a) including real estate claims (current account advances, deposits and guarantees)
(b) including shares in property investment companies
Investment fund shares/units by category of investor
Others*:General Government, MFIs, Others Financial Institutions, Non-money Market Funds
Buildings breakdown
By location
By nature
* others real estate buildings : warehouses, commercial spaces, others
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STAT INFO - Q4 2017
Financial overview of Investment Funds

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Financial overview of Investment Funds – France
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