Publications about statistics on international trade in services

France’s international trade in services: “Insee Références” collection, Enterprises in France, 2018 edition

France’s services trade balance is structurally in surplus, and the country ranks fourth in Europe for net service exports. Nonetheless, between 2012 and 2016, France and five other European Union countries all experienced a decline in their services trade balances. Integration in the international value chain allows non-financial corporations to improve their performance in the global services market.

France’s international trade in services: Banque de France Bulletin, Spring 2016

France, the third largest exporter in the world, records stronger growth in the services trade than in the goods trade. The companies concerned are relatively few (around 60,000 exporters in 2013). For the main contributors, which are well integrated into the international system of production, importing and exporting are complementary rather than substitutable.

Strategies for internationalisation in Pharma

The French pharmaceutical industry is highly internationalised and its production ranks third in the European Union. The strategies of the top 367 multinational companies fall into three distinct economic models based on the way their trade is oriented. These companies contribute significantly to current account surpluses, with a surplus of EUR 6 billion in 2012.

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