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Measurement of international trade in business services

The Banque de France collects data on international trade in services (excluding travel) directly from companies, while at the same time endeavouring to keep their reporting burden to a minimum. Data are required to comply with the international benchmark methodology on trade in services, to ensure they are internationally comparable and of high quality.

The data collection system falls within the European and national legal framework.

Companies submit information on their international trade in services via two surveys: the Relevé de transactions économiques (RTE - Statement of economic transactions) and the Enquête complémentaire sur les échanges internationaux de services (ECEIS - Supplementary survey on international trade in services).

The Banque de France publishes statistics on trade in services on its website. The same data can be found on the websites of international organisations, where you can also compare them with the performances of other countries.

The Banque de France also publishes analyses of France’s trade in services.

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