Legal framework

Since 1945, Banque de France is providing a full Balance of payment to the general public on a regular basis. From a legal point of view the responsibility of the Banque de France has been confirmed throughout several legal regulations and laws: decree-law n°89-938 – 29 December 1989, modified-law of the 4th of August 1993 renewing Banque de France statutes.

Today, article L. 141-6 of the Monetary and Financial Code stipulate that the Banque de France is in charge of the calculation and the release of the Balance of payments and the international investment position of France. Banque de France also contributes at elaborating the Balance of payment and international investment position of the Euro Zone. On an operational view, these works are conducted by the Statistics General Directorate – Directorates of Balance of payments and sectorial statistical surveys.

The Banque de France has a habilitation to collect from economic agents all documents and information that would help to comply with its commitments.

According to the Monetary and Financial Code, the Banque de France defines the statistical requirements that are necessary to the establishment of the Balance of payments and international investment position

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