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Financial Stability Review

This 20th edition of the Financial Stability Review (FSR) analyses the new situation created by the digital era of the financial system for financial institutions, markets and regulators: development of information systems, incoming of electronic platforms, sharp increase in algorithm-based transactions, creation of virtual currencies, widespread access for online financial services and online banks. 
The financial world has not been only altered by the financial crisis, it has also profoundly mutated under the influence of digital innovations. These changes have an impact on financial stability, a positive impact for some aspects (transparency, efficiency…) but also generating new risks (cyber-vulnerability, regulation arbitrage…). Regulators need to take these changes on board and adapt to them. Modifications have already been decided or even implemented in many areas, in particular as regards payment systems and market infrastructures.
This new issue of the FSR provides opportunity to gather views on these topics from international institutions, regulators, scholars and market participants involved in analyses and initiatives related to the digital innovations.

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