International Symposium of the Banque de France « CENTRAL BANKING: THE WAY FORWARD? » November 7, 2014 - Paris

The financial crisis of 2008 dramatically escalated the policymaking challenges faced by central banks across the world. Emergency rescues were launched, unorthodox policies were implemented and new tools were introduced in rapidly changing and difficult circumstances, from the subprime crisis to the interbank market freeze, from the zero lower bound on interest rates to the euro area sovereign debt crisis.

This international symposium, organized by the Banque de France, will discuss the legacy of the crisis for the future conduct of central banking. It will bring together a wide group of central bank governors, academics as well as senior officials of major financial institutions and international organizations. The participants will debate the conduct of monetary policy when public debts are high, the effect of changes in the financial system, the interplay of international capital flows, and the design and mix of domestic macroeconomic policies.

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