Henri Pagès

Henri Pagès



Current Position

Research and International Relations, Scientific Advisor

Previous Position


Ph.D., Economics Economics Department, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, (February 1989) - Civil Engineer École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, 1975

Research Interest

Secretary of Banque de France’s Foundation for Research in Money, Finance and Banking, Senior Economist at the Bank for International Settlements, Banque de France’s Economic Studies and Research Department, Deputy Director


+33 (0)1 42 92 29 99

Banque de France, DGEI 49-1430, 75049 Paris Cedex 01, France

Publications Quarterly Selection of Articles no. 40:

Winter 2015

By Coffinet Jérôme, Jadeau Christophe, Bê Duc Louis, Horny Guillaume, Pagès Henri, Carlino Laurent, Lafon Anne-Sophie
  • Published on 03/14/2017
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Publications Working Paper Series no. 378:

A mathematical treatment of bank monitoring incentives

By Pagès Henri, Possamai Dylan
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Publications Working Paper Series no. 377:

Bank monitoring incentives and optimal ABS

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Publications Working Paper Series no. 253:

Bank incentives and optimal CDOs

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Publications Working Paper Series no. 91:

Optimal Supervisory Policies and Depositor-Preferences Laws

By Pagès Henri, A. C. Santos João
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  • « Bank Monitoring Incentives and Optimal ABS » (2013), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(1), 30-54, DOI:10.1016/j.jfi.2012.06.001.
  • « Optimal Supervisory Policies and Depositor-Preference Laws » (2004), with J. Santos, ICFAI Journal of Banking Law, Avril. 
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  • « Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Policies with an Infinite Horizon: Existence and Convergence » (1992), with C. Huang, The Annals of Applied Probability.


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