Globalization and Labor Market Outcomes: Recent Advances


Among the fundamental issues raised by the increasing globalization of production are the effects on local labor markets. These issues are the heart of the public debate, and they have important consequences in terms of economic and monetary policy. A literature attempting at understanding and quantifying the impact of trade openness on labor market outcomes has surged during the past years. The workshop will put together contributions studying, among others, the impact of trade on wage inequality, unemployment, and the relationship between labor market institutions and comparative advantage.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the recent advances in the analysis of globalization and its effects on labor markets. It will include 8 invited presentations, a Keynote Speech by Harvard Professor Elhanan Helpman and a Policy Round Table gathering experts from the WTO, OECD and CEPII. 

Organizing Committee:

Vincent Vicard and Juan Carluccio

Updated on: 05/03/2017 13:09