Firm-dynamics, factors reallocation and organization of production in the context of COVID-19

The Banque de France is co-organising the 10th annual CompNet conference on 14 and 15 October 2021. The topic of the conference is "Firm-dynamics, factors reallocation and organization of production in the context of COVID-19".

This year CompNet celebrates its 10th Annual Conference, together with Banque de France as co-host, which will (hopefully) take place in Paris. The topic of the conference is "Firm-dynamics, factors reallocation and organization of production in the context of COVID-19"

The goal of this conference is to enhance academic and policy discussion on the effects of Covid on productivity, and to provide a forum for new policy-oriented research.

The keynotes will be given by Professor John Van Reenen (London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Professor Laura Alfaro (Harvard Business School)

Thursday, 14 October 2021


Registration and Coffee 


 Official Welcome by Chairman of CompNet and Banque de France 

Session 1 - The impact of the pandemic on productivity and business dynamism
Chair/discussant – Jan de Loecker (Katholieke Univ., Leuven)*


“Firm-level heterogeneity in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic” 
By Alejandro Fernandez-Cerezo (Bank of Spain, BoS), Beatriz Gonzalez (BoS), Mario 
Izquierdo (BoS) & Enrique Moral-Benito (BoS) 


“Business Dynamism and Productivity in a Pandemic”
By Guido Ascari (Univ. of Oxford, Univ. of Pavia), Andrea Colciago (Bank of The Netherlands, Univ. of Milano-Bicocca) & Riccardo Silvestrini (Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute)


Discussion and Q&A


Lunch & Poster Session 


Keynote: John Van Reenen (LSE)* 

Session 2 - The international dimension of firms: supply chains and corporate tax avoidance
Chair/discussant – Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi Univ.)


“Covid-19 Supply Chain Disruptions”
By Matthias Meier (Univ. Mannheim) & Eugenio Pinto (Federal Reserve Board)

“Corporate Tax Avoidance and Industry Concentration”
By Julien Martin (Univ. du Québec à Montréal & CEPR), Mathieu Parenti (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles & CEPR) & Farid Toubal (Univ. Paris-Dauphine- PSL, CEPII, CESifo & CEP)

Discussion and Q&A




Policy Panel: Isabel Vansteenkiste (ECB), Deborah Revoltella (EIB), Rolf Strauch 
(ESM)*, Agnès Benassy-Quere (French Treasury) & Reint Gropp* (IWH Halle) 

Chair: Filippo di Mauro (CompNet) 


Networking and Poster Session 


Friday, 15 October 2021 

Session 3 -Covid and productivity, what role for creative destruction?

Chair/discussant – Javier Miranda (IWH Halle) 


“The Impact of COVID-19 on Productivity” 
By Nicholas Bloom (Stanford Univ.), Philip Bunn (Bank of England, BoE), Paul Mizen 
(Nottingham Univ.), Pawel Smietanka (BoE) & Gregory Thwaites (Nottingham Univ.) 

“COVID-19, Productivity and Reallocation Timely evidence from three OECD 

By Dan Andrews (OECD), Andrew Charlton (Macquarie Univ. & e61 Institute) & Angus 
Moore (Accenture) 
Discussion and Q&A 


Session 4 -Tracking the Covid impact in Real-Time, the use of innovative data 

Chair/discussant – Eric Bartelsman (Tinbergen Institute) 


“A Resilient Economy? Business Creation in the UK during COVID-19” 
By Anthony Savagar (Univ. of Kent), Sophie Piton (BoE) & Saleem Bahaj (BoE) 

“Tracking the Footprints of COVID-19: A Textual Study of the Collapse and 

By Shijie Shi (World Bank) &Temel Taskin (World Bank) 
Discussion and Q&A 

12h30Guest Intervention and Q&A (Paloma Lopez-Garcia) (Occasional Paper ECB September 

Lunch & Poster Session 


Keynote: Laura Alfaro (Harvard Business School)

Session 5 -Management practices and automation: individual country evidence 

Chair/discussant – Chad Syverson (Univ. of Chicago) 


“What Are the Labor and Product Market Effects of Automation? New Evidence 
from France” 

By Philippe Aghion (Collège de France & LSE), Celine Antonin (Sciences Po & OFCE), 
Simon Bunel (BdF & PSE) & Xavier Jaravel (LSE) 

“Management practices and resilience to shocks: Evidence from COVID-19” 

By Andrea Lamorgese (Bank of Italy, BoI), Megha Patnaik (Luiss Univ. & CEPR), Andrea 
Linarello (BoI) & Fabiano Schivardi (Luiss Univ., EIEF & CEPR) 
Discussion and Q&A 


END of Conference 

POSTER SESSIONS, papers to be presented during breaks:

  1. “Hibernating during the pandemic. A quantitative assessment of business failures and risk of zombification of French firms”, by Raul Sampognaro (OFCE-Sciences Po)
  2. “Resource allocation with markups and policy distortions: is the covariance always informative?” by Filippo Biondi (KU Leuven & Research Foundation Flanders)
  3. “European Firm Concentration and Aggregate Productivity” by Matthias Mertens (IWH and CompNet), Tommaso Bighelli (IWH & CompNet), Filippo di Mauro (IWH, NUS and CompNet) & Marc Melitz (Harvard Univ.)
  4. “COVID-19 government support and its consequences for the pandemic productivity: a cross-country evidence” by Tommaso Bighelli (IWH & CompNet) & Tibor Lalinsky (National Bank of Slovakia)

*  Virtual


Scientific committee: Gilbert Cette (Banque de France), Antoine Berthou (Banque de France), Gabriel Smagghue (Banque de France), Filippo di Mauro (CompNet), Matthias Mertens (CompNet/IWH), Javier Miranda (IWH)

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