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Macroeconomic projections France

In order to contribute to the national and European economic debate, the Banque de France periodically publishes macroeconomic forecasts for France, constructed as part of the Eurosystem projection exercise and covering the current and two forthcoming years. Each publication comprises a summary of the projections. Some also include an in-depth analysis of the results, along with focus articles on topics of interest.

Main contributors from the Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting Directorate to the latest macroeconomic projections:

Hadrien Camatte, Lise Collomb, William Honvo , Yannick Kalantzis  , Guy  Levy-Rueff , Emilie Lor-Lhommet, Magali Marx, Jean-François Ouvrard , Béatrice Rouvreau,  Katja Schmidt, Antoine Sigwalt, Camille Thubin, Héloïse Tournoux, Clara Wolf,  Thao Thanh Vu.

Business surveys

Monthly surveys on retail trade and on the manufacturing, services and construction sectors - published at the start of each month - are based on responses from some 10,000 business leaders. They provide an assessment of economic conditions in the month preceding the publication, together with a GDP growth forecast for the quarter.

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