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Events in economics we organize, as well as those in which our economists participate.

BdF participations to the AFSE annual conference

1. "Academic & Non-academic job market" session, Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier

2. "Communication scientifique et réseaux sociaux" session, Soledad Zignago

3. "The future of monetary and banking policies" session, Grégory Levieuge (The Cost of Banking Crises: Does the Policy Framework Matter?)

4. "Fighting financial crises : policy lessons from history” session, chair Vincent Bignon (At Your Service! Liquidity Provision and Risk Management in 19th Century France presented by a non-BdF co-author)

5. The Pervasive Role of Retail Chains in Price Dispersion: Evidence from French Supermarkets, Berardi Nicoletta

6. Price effect of mutual fund flows on the corporate bond market. The French case, Coudert Virginie (with Salakhova Dilyara)

7. Rent creation and rent sharing: New measures and impacts on productivity, Lopez Jimmy (with Gilbert Cette & Jacques Meresse)

8. Good connections : bank specialization and the tariff elasticity of exports, Mésonnier Jean-Stéphane (with Berthou Antoine & Mayer Thierry)

9. How do firms fund their investment ? Firm size and funding mix, Lé Mathias (with Vinas Frederic)

10. What lies beneath asset quality ? Macroeconomic factors, institutional quality or bank characteristics?

11. Is the office market overvalued ? A general framework applied to France Coffinet Jerome (with Kintzler Etienne)

12. Amplifying slumps but not booms: the bitter consequences of high indebtedness Couaillier Cyril (with Scalone Valerio)

13. Cost of credit, entrepreneurship, and misallocation, Potier Lionel

14. Wealth effect on consumption during the sovereign debt crisis : Households heterogeneity in the Euro area, Savignac Frédérique (with Garbinti Bertrand & Lecanu Charlélie)

15. The Policy Trilemma and the Global Financial Cycle: Evidence from the International Transmission of Unconventional Monetary PolicyDees Stéphane

16. Shocking Capital: Firm-level Responses to a Large Business Tax Reform in France, Jousselin Edouard (with Bergeaud Antonin & Carbonnier Clément

17. Continuing training in the 60s in France, Sicsic Pierre

18. Brexit' and the diffusion of the EU's model of integration to African Union, Salakhova Dilyara (presented by a non-BdF co-author)

19. Heterogeneity within the euro area: New insights into an old story, Coudert Virginie (presented by a non-BdF co-author)

20. Public Transport Infrastructure and City Competitiveness, Py Loriane (presented by a non-BdF co-author)

Frankfurt, February 8, Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn will share the session on Global Monetary Policies – Similarities and divergences on the way to the new normal, Conference on monetary and economic policies on both sides of the Atlantic.

London, February 2, How well will the Euro Area do? Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn, MNI Connect Policymaker Luncheon.

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