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Jean-Francois Ouvrard

Jean-Francois Ouvrard is the head of macro-analysis and forecasting division at the DG Economics and International Relations, in charge of forecasting and modeling for France. Before joining the Banque de France in 2015, Jean-François Ouvrard hold several positions at Insee, French Treasury and Rexecode.

Mater in Macroéconomics at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
Ecole Polytechnique

Current Position
Head of macro-analysis and forecasting division

Previous Position
Director of Economic studies (Coe-Rexecode)
Head of short term economic outlook (Insee)
Head of climate and agriculture division (DG Tresor)
Macroeconomist (DG Tresor)
Macroeconomist (Insee).

Research Interest
Applied macroeconomics, forecasting


+33 (0)1 42 92 33 88
Banque de France, 49-1376 DGEI, 75049 Paris Cedex 01

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  • Ralentissement démographique et chômage : Quels enseignements des modèles macroéconomiques ? (2008),  Revue Economique, vol. 59(5) , avec R. Rathelot et O. Simon
  • Incitations et transitions sur le marché du travail. Une analyse des stratégies d'acceptation et de refus d'emploi (2002) Revue Economique vol. 53(6), avec T. Laurent, Y. L'Horty and P. Maillé

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