Consumer protection, financial inclusion and education

Drawing on the experience of the Banque de France, the purpose of this seminar is to present the mission of a central bank with respect to the protection of consumersof financial services: improving the information, supplying assistance in the event of difficulties, preventing them or fixing them. These activities which are generally performed in a legal framework specific to each country will be compared with the approach taken in this matter by other central banks. The participants will be requested to exchange their best practices.


Dates: 22 – 26 March 2021

Apply before: 19 January 2021

Language: English (with video replays in English and French)

Location: Online

Contact: Hedi JEDDI



This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Controlling the commercial practices of the banking and insurance industries

  • General introduction to the mission of the Banque de France regarding the relations between individuals and the financial world and the legal background for consumer protection

  • How relations between the banking industry and the consumer organisations are managed ?

  • The general purpose databases on individuals managed by the Banque de France

  • Information of the general public and banking mediation in France

  • The management of household over-indebtedness,

  • Financial inclusion and financial education

A round-table will be organised to enable participants to exchange information and experiences, through brief presentations of their own national approaches of the problem.


This seminar is intended for heads of departments in charge of relations with the customers of the commercial banking system (public information, assistance, mediation), or project leaders whose mission is to develop this activity.



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