BdF-BoE International Macroeconomics Workshop

The International Directorate of the Bank of England and the International Macroeconomics Division of the Banque de France are organizing a joint workshop on 19 October 2015 to take place at the Banque de France (conference area).

The one-day workshop will feature 6 presentations (3 from BdF and BoE each) as well as discussions of papers by academics and BoE/BdF economists. The presented papers will cover a wide range of issues in international macroeconomics, such as current account dynamics, global interest rate movements or commodity prices. Both theoretical and empirical papers will be presented.

Registration is free but the number of places is limited so we ask you to register (and commit to come) by sending an email to




Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi (Bank of England), Julia Schmidt (Banque de France)

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