Workshop OECD - Banque de France « Structural reforms, crisis exit strategies and growth » Paris 9-10th December 2010 Conference papers

Session 1:

T. Boeri (Bocconi University)
Reforms and labour market outcomes 

B. Amable (Université de Paris 1), I. Ledezma (Université Paris Dauphine) and S. Robin
The impact of Market Regulation and Distance to Frontier on Innovation and Productivity 

F. Daveri (Università di Parma), R. Lecat (Banque de France) and M.-L. Parisi (Università di Brescia)
Service deregulation, competition and the performance of French and Italian firms 

G. Barone (Banca d'Italia), and F. Cingano (Banca d'Italia),
Service Regulation and Growth: Evidence from OECD countries 

Session 2:

R. Duval, M. Eris and D. Furceri (OECD)
Labour Force Participation Hysteresis in Industrial Countries: Evidence and Causes 

W. Roeger (EU DGEcfin)
Assessing alternative strategies to promote growth in the EU 

D. Giannone (SBS-EM, ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles), M. Lenza (ECB), and L. Reichlin (LBS)
Market Freedom and the Global Recession 

Session 3:

P. Aghion (Harvard University)
Reforms and growth

N. Bloom (Stanford University and CEP), M. Draca (CEP) and J. Van Reenen (LSE and CEP)
Trade induced technical change? The impact of Chinese imports on innovation, diffusion and productivity

R. Bourlès (GREQAM), G. Cette (Banque de France), J. Lopez (Banque de France), J. Mairesse (CREST INSEE), and G. Nicoletti (OECD)
Do Product Market Regulations in Upstream Sectors Curb Productivity Growth ? Panel Data Evidence for OECD Countries 

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