Social Mobility

The Banque de France, the CEPR and the AMSE are organising a conference on 14-15 November 2019 in Paris. The aim of the workshop is to examine recent patterns of social mobility, as well as their causes and consequences.
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November 14



Registration and coffee


Opening remarks: Denis Beau (Banque de France) & Alain Trannoy (AMSE)


Keynote lecture #1:

On worker and firm heterogeneity in wages and employment mobility: Evidence from Danish register data, Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po & UCL)
Chair: Eva Moreno Galbis (AMSE)


A Dynamic Empirical Model of Frictional Spatial Job Search, Christian Schluter (AMSE)
Discussant: Benoît Schmutz (Polytechnique)


Coffee break


Heterogeneity and wage inequalities over the life cycle, Sébastien Roux (INSEE)
Discussant: Clémence Berson (Banque de France)

The end of the American dream? Inequality and segregation in US cities, Alessandra Fogli (Fed of Minneapolis)
Discussant: Gregory Verdugo (University of Evry)

November 15



The changing geography of intergenerational mobility, Jack Blundell (Stanford Univ.)
Discussant: Clément Bosquet (Univ. of Cergy)

Intergenerational mobility in China across space, Yining Geng (Univ. of Liverpool)
Discussant: Sylvie Démurger (CNRS & Gate)


Coffee break


Keynote lecture #2:

Intergenerational wealth formation over the life cycle: Evidence from Danish wealth records 1984-2013, Wojciech Kopczuk (Columbia Univ. & CEPR)
Chair: Frédérique Savignac (Banque de France)




“And yet it moves”: Intergenerational mobility in Italy, Alberto Polo (Bank of England)
Discussant: Salvatore Lo Bello (Banca d’Italia)

The wealth origins of income mobility, Tarik Roukny (KU Leuven)
Discussant: Ernesto Villanueva (Banco de España)


Coffee break


Spatial disparities in France in the long run: From diverging production to converging income, Aurélie Sotura (Banque de France)
Discussant: Miren Lafourcade (Univ. Paris Sud & PSE)

Dynamic approach of spatial segregation: A framework with mobile phone data, Lino Galiana (INSEE)
Discussant: Florence Goffette-Nagot (GATE & CNRS)


Concluding remarks

Scientific Committee: Clémence Berson (Banque de France), Bertrand Garbinti (Banque de France), Cecilia García-Peñalosa (Aix-Marseille School of Economics), Erwan Gautier (Banque de France), Eva Moreno-Galbis (Aix-Marseille School of Economics), Frédérique Savignac (Banque de France), Jan Stuhler (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Alain Trannoy (Aix-Marseille School of Economics).

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