Conférence Banque de France - Ferdi - What responses to terms of trade shocks in poor and vulnerable countries?

Conférence Banque de France - Ferdi Conférence Banque de France - Ferdi

Tuesday 24 January 2017, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Banque de France - 31, Rue Croix des Petits Champs, Paris


After a decade of rapid growth, poor and vulnerable countries are facing significant terms-of-trade shocks. In addition to its impact on growth, commodity price volatility results in different counties either in windfall profits or in unsustainable fiscal and balance of payment imbalances, as in the case of oil exporters since 2014. Significant terms-of-trade shocks may also have an important impact on the activity, liquidity and even stability of banking systems, which, in turn, dampen or amplify their macroeconomic effect.

The exchanges at the conference will combine the contribution of recent academic knowledge on the subject and the experience of both public and private practitioners to answer central issues of macroeconomic policy and financial regulation :

  • What role for macroeconomic policy in the management of shocks?
  • What financial systems for cushioning shocks?
  • What financial regulations for preventing the spreading of shocks?
  • How can international financing help deal with shocks?


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