International Conference TSE Banque de France " The Monetary Policy in The Current Crisis " Paris, 20 March 2009


Both the speed and the scale of the financial crisis and of its transmission to the real economy have surprised many observers, leading central banks to intervene massively since the crisis unfolded and forcing them to adapt their operational, and eventually their strategic, frameworks. The purpose of the joint workshop organised by the Banque de France and the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) on 20 March 2009, entitled "Monetary policy in the current crisis", is to take stock of the issues central banks have been facing since the summer 2007 and of the challenges remaining ahead. In addition, it aims at better understanding the transmission mechanisms of financial shocks to the real economy.

This conference is part of the long term partnership TSE and Banque de France are building with the goal of strengthening monetary and financial stability research in topics of critical importance for central banks.

The following persons will present their research or their own experience in this field: James Bullard (Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis), Ulrich Kohli (Swiss National Bank), George Pauget (Credit Agricole), Franck Smets (BCE), Tobias Adrian (FED of New York), Patrick Pintus (Aix-Marseille University), Roberto Motto (BCE), Massimo Rostagno (BCE).


Laurent Clerc, Banque de France
Franck Portier, TSE
Patrick Pintus, Aix-Marseille University

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