Conference – Economic models and tools against climate change

The Banque de France, the ACPR and the Toulouse School of Economics are organizing a joint workshop on economic models and tools against climate change, on December 12, 2019, Paris.

Climate change is a major concern for central banks for two reasons:

  • It will deeply impact financial risks and therefore asset valuations and the balance sheets of financial institutions.
  • It will impact individual economic behaviors and hence the level and volatility of GDP growth or the inflation rate

This workshop aims at discussing both fundamental and applied research on climate change related to the core activity of central banks. This includes a discussion of various types of models usable to formalize the interplay between climate change. It also includes presentations of empirical assessments of the various policy tools implemented to change carbon-consumption behaviors.
An interdisciplinary conference on “Adapting to survive : climate change and finance” will take place on the day after, Friday December 13th.


Welcome address: Olivier Garnier, Banque de France, General Director for Statistics, Economics and International Relations

Session 1 Fundamental models of carbon use

Antoine Godin (AFD) with L. Cahen-Fourot (Univ of Vienna), E. Campiglio (LSE), E. Dawkins (Stockholm Environment Institute), E. Kemp-Benedict (Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung)

  • Greenhouse gases emissions in the oil industry: Ecological debts and missed opportunities

Fanny Henriet (PSE), with R. Coulomb (Univ of Melbourne) & L. Reitzmann (Polytechnique)


Coffee break


Session 2 Financial risk

  • Climate-related scenarios for financial stability assessment: An application to France

T. Allen, J. Boissinot, CM. Caicedo-Graciano, V. Chouard, L. Clerc, S. Dees, A. de Gaye, M-E. de La Serve, M. Després, A. Devulder, S. Haincourt, B. Hallinger, N. Lisack, JS. Mésonnier, S. Peyron, M. Rabate, R. Svartzman, L. Vernet (BdF)




Session 3 Financial tools

Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (École des Ponts & CIRED)

Julien Xavier Daubanes with JC. Rochet (Univ de Genève)


Coffee break


Session 4 Carbon consumption and policies

Gilbert Cette (BdF & AMSE) with C. Alestra (AMSE), V. Chouard (BdF) & R. Lecat (BdF)

Christian Gollier (TSE)

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