Big Data and New Tools to Track Inflation in Real-Time

The Banque de France GVE Data Science Group and the OECD Innovation LAB are holding their annual conference, on June 28, 2022.
With the rapid pick-up in inflation in recent months, this conference aims to bring together recent research using big data and new tools on ways to track and understand inflation in real-time. These offer the potential to track price developments in a more timely, granular, accurate and higher frequency way than existing sources, providing new insights on inflation and pricing behaviour.


15h       Opening remarks

15h10   Keynote address – Alberto Cavallo (Harvard)  - New insights from big data on inflation in real-time


15h50  Price setting in Chile: Micro evidence from consumer on-line prices during the social outbreak and Covid-19 (Pena and Prades; Central Bank of Chile, Banco de España)

16h10   Short break      

16h20   What do 135 million consumer prices tell us about inflation and monetary policy transmission in the euro area ? (Gautier; Banque de France)

16h40   Forecasting UK Inflation Bottom-Up (Potjagailo, Joseph, Kalamara and Kapetanios; Bank of England)

17h       Quality Adjustment at Scale: Hedonic versus Exact Demand-Based Price Indices (Ehrlich et al.; University of Michigan)

17h20   The Expected, Perceived, and Realized Inflation of U.S. Households before and during the COVID19 Pandemic (Weber, Gorodnichenko and Coibion; Chicago, Berkeley, University of Texas)

17h40   Inflation: what’s new based on text analysis from newspapers and Twitter ? (de Bandt, Bricongne, Defrasne, Denès, de Gaye, Hubert and Robert; Banque de France)

18h       Closing remarks

The conference will be held remotely (WebEx) in English and is open to all. To contact the organizers, please reply to this address

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