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Strategy and commitments

Corporate social responsibility forms an integral part of the way we operate as a central bank. We have extended our commitment by reinforcing our system of CSR governance, and have written CSR considerations into our Ambition 2020 strategic plan.

Our CSR approach comprises 4 key commitments which can be broken down into 12 focuses for action.

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Steering of CSR

Our CSR strategy covers all areas of the Bank’s operations, and is therefore driven by the Governor and overseen by the General Secretariat. The strategy is implemented with the close involvement of the Executive Committee, and through a network of CSR sponsors and correspondents appointed for each focus area. A CSR Mission has been set up to steer the overall strategy and coordinate initiatives. It is also responsible for assisting the business units in their CSR approach, facilitating dialogue, disseminating best practices, and managing the CSR reporting process.

In 2010, a CSR department was set up to monitor the Bank’s environmental footprint. The unit comprises a network of sustainable development contacts, spread out across the Bank’s network. It conducts regular awareness-raising initiatives to alert staff to the challenges of sustainable development.


The Banque de France’s commitments are set out in a formal CSR charter.

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