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An economic and civic commitment

The Banque de France has been striving for several years to reduce financial and social exclusion. It provides support for vulnerable segments of the population and works closely with social support agencies to improve the quality of assistance for over-indebted individuals. It also organises programmes to help young people into work, facilitates financial inclusion through the provision of microcredit, and supports charitable initiatives.

Preventing and resolving over-indebtedness

The Banque de France has been striving for several years to prevent social and financial exclusion. It has developed a range of initiatives to assist vulnerable segments of the population.

Promoting banking inclusion and microcredit

The Banque de France works constantly to promote banking inclusion, to ensure vulnerable people have access to appropriate banking services and thus prevent them from becoming marginalised…

Helping young people into work

The Banque de France has signed partnership agreements with the education authorities of Créteil and Poitiers, covering students in secondary education: the aim is to improve their financial and economic literacy, organise work placements and support their integration into the workforce.

Find out more about our partnerships with local education authorities

Increasing our involvement at local level

The Banque de France is committed to supporting economic and social development in all areas where it is located. This involves providing support to very small enterprises (VSEs). The Banque de France has also integrated CSR criteria into its business rating process…

Supporting charitable initiatives

The Banque de France encourages its staff to get involved in charity projects.

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