Promoting gender equality and diversity

Fight discrimination

Banque de France’s commitment to equal opportunities, to all forms of diversity, its rejection of discrimination and its willingness to creating a working environment that respects those differences.

Encouraging gender equality

In 2009, the Banque de France signed its first in-house agreement on gender equality in the workplace, leading to the creation of an Observatory for Workplace Equality and the signature of the Parent Friendly Places Charter. In recognition of its efforts, the Bank was awarded gender equality certification in 2010 by the French Labour Ministry.


The new in-house gender equality agreement, signed in 2014, focuses on helping staff to balance work and family life, and sets objectives regarding the access of women to positions of responsibility. To reinforce its commitments, the Bank has also appointed a workplace equality officer.


Breaking down the workplace generational divide

Egalité professionnelle


The intergenerational agreement signed in 2013 is aimed at promoting an age-diverse workforce where different generations can work together in harmony. Under the agreement, concrete measures have been implemented to attract younger recruits, enhance workplace mobility, guide staff throughout their professional careers and manage the transition to retirement.






Attracting staff from diverse backgrounds

The Banque de France has increased the number of places offered to young people on block-release training courses. Students on a work placement who want to take the Bank’s competitive entrance exam are entitled to free preparation courses with the National Centre for Distance



Helping people with disabilities into work

Mission Handicap Mission Handicap

As part of the 9th agreement promoting the employment of disabled people, signed in February 2014, the Bank has stepped up efforts to recruit and integrate disabled employees and to adjust working conditions to meet their needs.

Approximately 600 disabled people currently work at the Bank, and the Mission Handicap disability taskforce and HR department regularly take part in job fairs for people with disabilities (notably Adapt, Paris pour l’Emploi and Essec-Hanploi).


The Bank and its employee works council also run a Work Adjustment and Rehabilitation Centre, set up in 1979, which currently employs some 20 staff.








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