Improving well-being in the workplace

Preventing psychosocial risks at work

Preventing psychosocial risks in the workplace ranks among the Banque de France’s main priorities, and in 2011 it signed an internal agreement setting out its commitment in this field. In 2013 and 2015 it conducted employee surveys to measure psychosocial risks, enabling it to draw up a map of the main stress factors and put in place targeted prevention plans. The Bank now carries out regular surveys, notably the Social Climate Barometer which measures changes in staff perceptions of factors such as the Bank’s image, working conditions, management, human resources and the possible impact of changes in the Bank’s strategy.


Alongside these initiatives, the Banque de France has designed training programmes for staff on the prevention of psychosocial risks. It has also put in place systems for dealing with individual cases of work-related stress, such as a telephone counselling service, face-to-face counselling and a mediation service.


Facilitating dialogue between staff

Agora Agora

The Bank has set up an enterprise social network to make it easier for staff to exchange views on topics of shared interest - work-related or otherwise. Users can personalise their profile and post any information they want to share in their personal space. The network currently has 70 communities, and is a useful addition to the Bank’s range of collaboration tools.




The Banque de France introduced a teleworking scheme in 2009 with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint and helping staff achieve a better work-life balance. Some 10% of staff now telework on a regular basis, while senior staff are allowed to work occasionally from home, depending on their professional commitments.

Updated on: 06/12/2018 11:03