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Le Lab Banque de France

Le Lab Banque de France: a genuine open innovation laboratory


Le Lab Banque de France is a genuine open innovation laboratory  whose goal is to bring new practices and technologies into the Bank’s activities, identify cross-overs between different business lines, and experiment where possible within short and flexible cycles.

An innovative way of working

Le Lab Banque de France works closely with innovative firms (start-ups, fintechs, leading players in technology, etc.) in order to identify, explore and test new solutions and prospects. This approach offers businesses the opportunity to demonstrate, in real conditions and within a major institution, their contributions and the benefits expected from their solutions.

Numerous opportunities

Le Lab Banque de France deals with a vast range of subjects, reflecting the Bank’s tasks and activities: new working patterns and methods (design thinking, visual management, etc.), advanced data analysis (AI, data science, cognitive computing, etc.), innovative technological opportunities (blockchain, IoT, virtual reality, etc.).

Working with le Lab

If your innovative company wishes to bring its expertise and offer its solutions to the Banque de France, please reply to one of our calls for projects by emailing a short presentation of your firm, setting out your innovative proposal to add value, to You can use any format (text, visual, video, etc.).

Updated on: 05/24/2018 16:05