The IBFI’s training seminars cover all business area and in particular: monetary policy, banking supervision and financial stability; economic analysis and research; statistics; markets and operations; payment systems; cybersecurity; governance and support functions. Seminars take place in Paris unless indicated otherwise.

Programme and registration



Deadline for registrationRegistration

Introduction to DSGE models, level 1

13-17 Jan. 2020


13 Oct. 2019​


Consumer protection, financial inclusion and education

3-7 Feb. 2020FR/EN3 Nov. 2019Apply

Financial risk management in a central bank

24-27 Feb. 2020


22 Nov. 2019​


Legal experts and financial crises

2-6 March 2020FR/EN2 Dec. 2019Apply

Reserves management (joint with the Arab Monetary Fund – AMF) Abu Dhabi

9-12 March 2020FR/ENBy invitation 

Assessment of corporate credit risk in a central bank

10-12 March 2020FR/EN10 Dec. 2019Apply

Anti-money laundering (Regional Indian Ocean seminar) La Réunion

10-12 March 2020FRBy invitation 

Big Data

24-27 March 2020FR/EN24 Dec. 2019Apply

Green Finance

31 March – 2 Apr. 2020FR/EN31 Dec. 2019Apply

International Relations

20-22 Apr. 2020EN20 Jan. 2020Apply

Central bank accounting and budget management

28-30 Apr. 2020FR/EN28 Jan. 2020Apply


5-7 May 2020FR/EN5 Feb. 2020Apply

Monetary and financial account statistics

12-15 May 2020FR/EN12 Feb. 2020Apply

Financial stability policy of central banks (joint with the Joint Vienna Institute) Vienna

25-29 May 2020EN25 Feb. 2020 

Real estate risks

26-28 May 2020EN26 Feb. 2020Apply

Economic studies and Research (joint with GDN)

2-5 June 2020EN2 March 2020Apply

Data protection

8-10 June 2020FR/EN6 March 2020Apply

Euromed – Green Finance (joint with the World Bank) Marseille

10-11 June 2020FR/ENBy invitation 

Internal audit and internal control

15-17 June 2020FR/EN15 March 2020Apply

Capacity-building and training for francophone directors

16-17 June 2020FRBy invitation 

Reserves Management

22-26 June 2020EN22 March 2020Apply

EU regional project for the Western Balkans – Statistics

24-26 June 2020ENBy invitation 

Operational risk management in a central bank

1-3 July 2020FR/EN1 Apr. 2020Apply

Transforming a central bank

7-9 Sep. 2020FR/EN7 June 2020Apply

DSGE Modelling (joint with AMF / Central Bank of Tunisia) Tunis

7-10 Sep. 2020FR/ENBy invitation 

Unconventional monetary policies

16-18 Sep. 2020


16 June 2020


Financial market infrastructures, payment systems and instruments

28 Sep.- 2 Oct. 2020FR/EN26 June 2020Apply

Using DSGE models for policy analysis (level 2)

12-16 Oct. 2020


12 July 2020


Back-office operations

2-5 Nov. 2020FR/EN31 July 2020Apply

Human resources and training management in a central bank (joint with BAM) Rabat

3-5 Nov. 2020FR/EN3 Aug. 2020Apply

Financial stability and macroprudential policies

16-20 Nov. 2020EN16 Aug. 2020Apply

Balance of payments and other external statistics

24-27 Nov. 2020FR/EN24 Aug. 2020Apply

Cash management modernisation

1-3 Dec. 2020FR/EN1 Sep. 2020Apply

Anti-money laundering

8-11 Dec.  2020


7 Sep. 2020


Stress testing

14-18 Dec. 2020


14 Sep. 2020​


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