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Practical Information

IBFI’s annual programme offers free training seminars for the managerial staff of central banks and banking supervisory bodies.


Central banks or institutions intending to register a participant must apply before the deadline (generally 2 months before the date of the seminar), using the programme of seminars provided on the Banque de France’s website:

  • At the end of the application period and depending on availability, confirmation of registration will be sent. For seminars to be confirmed, a sufficient number of applicants is necessary.
  • However, we draw your attention to the fact that, due to the large number of applications received, we rareley take late registrations into consideration, or multiple applications from the same bank.
  • 6 weeks prior to the seminar, participants receive an official invitation letter by email, in particular for visa purposes. Once they receive this email, participants must provide IBFI with the “Practical information” (dates of arrival and departure, accommodation, participation in the event), in the relevant section of the application form.
  • Participants in the seminars must have a good command of one of the working languages mentioned in the training programme: French or English. Our contact persons must ensure that the candidates they recommend have the required fluency. Poor understanding of presentations undermines the smooth running of the seminar and compromises its efficiency.



  • The seminars run for 2 to 5 days (in that case a half-day off is generally scheduled for participants).
  • They are held in our Paris headquarters ; transportation from the hotel is not arranged by IBFI.
  • They are supported by written documentation in the working language mentioned by the candidate on his/her application form.
  • Each participant will receive a login and a password to access to documentation related to the seminar, practical details (map of our location, list of participants, slides) and discussion forums  

We insist on the fact that trainees have to attend every session of the seminar and sign the attendance sheet circulated every day.



A pre-booking is made with a partner hotel for all participants. This hotel is 3-star according to European standards.

Participants can book in any other hotel. However, the participants from countries eligible for a full or partial reimbursement of their accommodation costs by IBFI, must choose the partner hotel in order to obtain this reimbursement.      



Banque de France covers the following costs:

  • training courses.
  • lunches and coffee breaks,
  • the possible social events.


Hotel (single room and breakfast)


1 - Participants coming from central banks of middle-income and industrialised countries pay for their own accommodation.  This support covers 2 nights of accommodation for a 2 or 3 days seminar, and 3 nights of accommodation for a 4 or 5 days seminar.

2 - Banque de France only covers the costs of the participants from the national central banks belonging to countries benefiting from the HIPC (highly indebted poor countries) IMF/WB initiative.
This reimbursement covers 2 nights of accommodation for a 2 or 3 days seminar, and 3 nights of accommodation for a 4 or 5 days seminar.

3 – As for participants that belong to the group of other Least Developed Countries (LDC), Banque de France only covers the accommodation costs of 3 nights per LDC trainee and per seminar, as from July 2005. The central bank concerned covers remaining costs of the other nights.


Other expenses paid by trainees

  • dinners
  • hotel: additional cost for twin room, longer stay (additional nights (1) before or after the seminar), mini-bar, telephone and other services,
  • transport (plane, taxi),
  • health and lost luggage insurance.

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