Calendar of seminars 2017

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Introduction to DSGE models

E516-20 JanuaryParis10/12/2016Monetary policy
Payment systems and means of payment


31 January

1 February



By invitationMarkets and operations
International Economics and International Relations

E31-3 FebruaryParis12/12/2016Monetary policy
Legal experts and financial crises

Program 2017
F/E421-24 FebruaryParis10/01/2017Prudential regulation and supervision
External vulnerabilities (joint ICD)

Program 2017
E/F 5Paris19/01/2017Monetary policy

Consumer protection, financial inclusion and education

Program 2017

F/E520-24 MarchParis20/01/2017Prudential regulation and supervision

Anti Money Laundering (Tunis)

Program 2017

F321-23 MarchTunis28/02/2017Prudential regulation and supervision
Corporate credit risk assessment in a central bank

Program 2017
F/E428-31 MarchParis28/01/2017Markets and operations
Financial and operational risk management in a central bankE517-21 AprilDenpasar, IndonesiaBy invitationMarkets and operations
Anti Money Laundering (Beyrouth)
F/E325-27 AprilBeyrouth25/02/2017Prudential regulation and supervision
Central bank accounting and budget management
F/E425-28 AprilParis25/02/2017Central bank governance

Financial and operational risk management

Program 2016

F/E4,515-19 MayParis15/03/2017Markets and operations

Financial stability policy of central banks (joint with the JVI)

Program 2016

E515-19 MayVienne14/02/2017Financial stability
Digital transformation and financial stability in the Euro-Méditerranean area (joint with the World Bank)
F/E217-18 MayCasablancaSur invitationFinancial stability
F/E28-9 JuneParis07/05/17Central bank governance

Financial stability and macroprudential policies of central banks

Program 2016

F/E45-8 SeptemberParis05/07/17Financial stability
Transforming a central bank
F/E311-13 SeptemberParis11/07/17Central bank governance

Unconventional monetary policies

Program 2016

F/E227-29 SeptemberParis27/07/17Monetary policy
Market infrastructures and payment systems

Program 2016
F/E33-5 OctoberParis03/08/17Markets and operations

Stress testing (joint with FRB)

Program 2016

F/E516-20 OctoberParis16/08/17Prudential regulation and supervision

The use of DSGE models for policy analysis (level 2)

Program 2016

E59-13 OctoberParis09/08/17Monetary policy
Internal audit and risk management in a central bank
F/E414-17 NovemberParis14/09/17Central bank governance
Anti Money Laundering (Madagascar)

F37-9 NovemberAntananarivo07/09/17Prudential regulation and supervision
Balance of payments and other external statistics

Program 2016
F/E420-23 NovemberParis20/09/17Monetary policy

Recent developments in insurance supervision

Program 2015

F/E3,527-30 NovemberParis27/09/17Prudential regulation and supervision
Back-office operations

Program 2016
F/E45-8 DecemberParis05/10/17Markets and operations

 * Note : the languages for seminars are F for French, E for English

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