10th Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics

The Banque de France, CEPR, Sciences Po and OFCE are organizing their 10th Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics in Paris on December 6-7, 2022.


The purpose of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to discuss and promote topical empirical research related to all areas of monetary economics. Some particularly relevant topics are:

  • Inflation dynamics, commodity prices and inflation expectations
  • The identification of the transmission channels of monetary policy
  • The role of heterogeneity for monetary policy transmission
  • Central bank balance sheet policies and quasi-fiscal monetary policies
  • Monetary policy and transition risks related to climate change
  • Central bank communication strategies

For registration to attend the conference send an email to eme.workshop@sciencespo.fr

Tuesday 6 December

14h–15h30         Session 1
Laura Gati (European Central Bank), with Amy Handlan
Monetary Communication Rules
Michael McMahon (University of Oxford), with Tim Munday
The Element(s) of Surprise

15h30–16h         Coffee break

16h–17h              Keynote speaker: Kristin Forbes (MIT)
Financial Stress during Covid and October 2022: Lessons for Central Banks

17h–17h30         Coffee break

17h30–19h         Session 2
Francesca Monti (UC Louvain), with Anastasia Allayioti, Michele Piffer
The Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks when Agents Fear Extreme Inflation

Paolo Bonomolo (De Nederlandsche Bank), with Guido Ascari, Qazi Haque
The Long-Run Phillips Curve is ... a Curve

Wednesday 7 December

9h–10h30            Session 3
Stefanie Huber (University of Amsterdam), with Daria Minina, Tobias Schmidt
The Pass-through from Inflation Perceptions to Inflation Expectations
Giacomo Mangiante (HEC Lausanne), with Riccardo Masolo
Do Firm Expectations respond to Monetary Policy?

10h30–11h         Coffee break

11h–12h              Keynote speaker: Luc Laeven (European Central Bank)
Monetary and Macroprudential Policy Complementarities

12h–14h              Lunch (on invitation only)

14h–15h30         Session 4
Anne Duquerroy (Banque de France), with Adrien Matray, Farzad Saidi
Tracing Banks’ Credit Allocation to their Funding Costs

Isabel Gödl-Hanisch LMU Munich)
Bank Concentration and Monetary Policy Pass-Through

15h30–16h         Coffee break

16h–17h30         Session 5
Daniel Ostry (University of Cambridge), with Thiago Ferreira, John Rogers
Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy 

Daniele Siena (Politecnico di Milano), with Veronica Gottardo
Effects and Spillovers of ECB Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy

Practical information
This two-day workshop will take place at OFCE in Paris, France (or online, depending on health conditions next Fall). There is no registration fee and the workshop does not cover travel and accommodation costs.

Christophe Blot (Sciences Po – OFCE and Université Paris-Nanterre), Paul Hubert (Banque de France and Sciences Po – OFCE)

Scientific Committee
Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University and CEPR), Fabien Labondance (Université de Franche‐Comté), Céline Poilly (Université d’Aix-Marseille AMSE and CEPR), Giovanni Ricco (University of Warwick and CEPR), Urszula Szczerbowicz (Banque de France).

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