Conference on Endogenous Financial Networks and Equilibrium Dynamics: Addressing Challenges of Financial Stability and Monetary Policy

The Banque de France and The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland are organizing an international conference entitled Endogenous Financial Networks and Equilibrium Dynamics: Addressing Challenges of Financial Stability and Monetary Policy to be held in the conference hall of Banque de France in Paris July 9 and 10, 2015.

The conference aims to create a forum for discussion amongst researchers on questions related to theoretical and empirical studies of interactions of strategic behavior, network structure, and uncertainty in the emergence of equilibrium financial network dynamics with applications to monetary policy and financial stability. Potential research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling endogenous network dynamics
  • Stability of financial networks
  • Stable and efficient network structures
  • Econometric tools for analysis of dynamic networks
  • Interrelation between network dynamics and transmission of monetary policy
  • Issues related to the dynamics of information transmission through dynamic networks

The conference program will include both invited papers and contributed papers selected by the program committee from the submissions received.

Paper submission: Interested authors should submit an extended, detailed abstract or, preferably, a complete paper in PDF format to e-mail address: by April 15th, 2015.

Program Committee: Ben Craig (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland), Jean-Stéphane Mesonnier (Banque de France), Frank Page (Systemic Risk Center, London School of Economics and Indiana University), Dilyara Salakhova (Banque de France)

Call for papers


Opening address : Benoit Mojon, (Banque de France)

Session 1: Endogenous Network Dynamics

Endogenous Market Making and Network Formation. S. Zhang (LSE) paper - slides
Discussant: R. Praz (Copenhagen Business School)

Bank Networks: Contagion, Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy. I. Aldasoro (Goethe U. Frankfurt) paper - slides
Discussant: M. Gofman (UW-Madison) slides


Session 2: Network Formation and Asymmetric Information

Risk Incentives in an Interbank Network. M. de Faria e Castro (New York University) paper - slides
Discussant: F. Bräuning (VU University Amsterdam) - slides

Strategic Opaqueness: A Cautionary Take on Securitization. M. Farboodi (Princeton University) - slides
Discussant: F. Koulischer (Banque de France) - slides


Session 3: Empirical Analysis of Information in Networks

A network map of information percolation. Hagströmer (Stockholm University)
Discussant: L. Frattarolo (SAFE-Goethe University Frankfurt)

Testing Information Diffusion in the Decentralized Unsecured Market for Euro Funds. E. Rainone (Bank of Italy) paper - slides
Discussant: J. Schaumburg (VU University Amsterdam - slides

A Two Stage Approach to Spatio-Temporal Analysis with Strong and Weak Cross-Sectional Dependence. N.Bailey (Queen Mary, University of London) - slides
Discussant: P. Elhorst (University of Groningen) - slides


Session 4: Inefficiency of Financial Networks

The Price of Complexity in Financial Networks. T. Roukny (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - slides
Discussant: K. Anand (Bank of England) - slides

Externalities and Contagion in Banking Networks. R. Martinez (George Washington U.) - slides
Discussant: J.-E. Colliard (HEC Paris) - slides


Session 5: The Network Core: Formation and Business Practices

The formation of a core periphery structure in heterogeneous financial networks. D. in’t Veld (University of Amsterdam, SEO Economic Research) paper - slides
Discussant: F. Garcia (Indiana University Bloomington and ISEG/UECE) - slides

Credit Risk and Interdealer Networks. N. Boyarchenko (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) - slides
Discussant: G. Iori (City University) - slides

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