Workshop - Banque de France – Toulouse School of Economics "The Euro Area Sovereign debt crisis" - Paris December 19th, 2011

Conference papers


Session 1: Sovereign debt crisis

A. Landier, R. Greenwood, D. Thesmar
 “Vulnerable Banks”
 O. Jeanne
 “Monetary Dominance and Government”  
 A. Martin, N. Gennaioli, S. Rossi
 “Sovereign default, domestic banks and financial institutions”


Session 2: Adjustment policies

E. Farhi, G. Gopinath, O. Itskhoki
 “Fiscal Devaluations”
 J. S. Mésonnier, V. Borgy, T. Laubach, J. P. Renne
 “Fiscal Sustainability, Default Risk and Euro Area Sovereign Bond Spreads” 


Session 3: Country experiences

  P. Lane
 D. Vayanos
 D. Thesmar
 T. Santos


Session 4: Should we create Eurobonds?

T. Santos

J. Delpla 

Eurobonds: the Blue Bond Concept and its Implications”

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