The Euro Area Sovereign debt crisis Paris le 19 décembre 2011

Conference papers


The Banque de France and the Toulouse School of Economics will organize a conference on the sovereign debt crisis in the euro area on 19 December 2011 in Paris.

The conference will gather contributions on various aspects of the crisis and ways to resolve it. Christian Noyer, Governor of Banque de France, will introduce the conference. Five academic research papers will be presented in the morning on models of sovereign debt crises and fiscal and monetary responses to such crises.

In the afternoon, prominent academics will analyze the current outlook for four countries of the euro area: France, Greece, Ireland and Spain before projects of launching Eurobonds will be presented and discussed by a panel consisting of Jean Tirole,Patrick Bolton, John Hassler and Anne Le Lorier. All sessions will reserve time for open discussions with all participants in the conference. 


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