Asset Price Bubbles and Monetary Policy Conference papers

SESSION 1: Emergence of Bubbles

Gadi Barlevy (FRB Chicago)
A Leverage-Based Model of Speculative Bubbles 

Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole (TSE)
Bubbly Liquidity 

Simon Dubecq (Banque de France), Benoit Mojon (Banque de France), and Xavier Ragot (Banque de France)
Risk Shifting, Fuzzy Capital Requirements and the Build up of Financial Fragility 

SESSION 2: Monetary Policy and Bubbles

John Conlon (U. Mississippi)
Should Central Banks Burst Bubbles? Some Microeconomic Issues 

Cyril Monnet (FRB Philadelphia), Marie Hoerova (ECB) and Ted Temzelides (Rice)
Money Talks 

Olivier Loisel (Banque de France), Frank Portier (TSE), and Aude Pommeret (HEC Lausanne)
Monetary Policy and Herd Behavior in New-Tech Investment 

SESSION 3: Identifying Bubbles

Lucia Alessi (ECB) and Carsten Detken (ECB)
Real Time Early Warning Indicators for Boom-Bust Asset Price Cycles 

Klaus Adam (U. Mannheim), Albert Marcet (LSE) and J. -Pablo Nicolini
Stock Market Volatility and Learning 

SESSION 4: House Prices

François Ortalo-Magné (U. Wisconsin Madison) and Andrea Prat (LSE)
Spacial Asset Pricing: A First Step 

Nobu Kiyotaki, Alex Michaelides and Kalin Nikolov (Bank of England)
Winners and Losers in Housing Markets 

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