DSGE Modelling and Monetary Policy Conference papers

SESSION 1: Nominal Rigidities and Economic Agents Heterogeneity

F. Smets (ECB) and Stephan Fahr (ECB)
Downward Wage Rigidities and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union

F. Collard (Toulouse School of Economics) and J.G. Sahuc (Banque de France)
Information-Based Price Stickiness

A. Levin (Federal Reserve System) and Tack Yun (Federal Reserve System)
Reconsidering the Microeconomic Foundations of Price-Setting Behavior

SESSION 2: Financial Markets, Money and Asset Prices

V. Curdia (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and M. Woodford (Columbia University)
Credit Frictions and Optimal Monetary Policy

M. Rostagno (ECB) and L. Christiano (Northwestern University and National Bureau of Economic Research), and R. Motto (ECB)
Financial Factors in Business Cycles

O. Tristani (ECB) and G. Amisano (ECB)
A DSGE model of the term structure with regime shifts

SESSION 3: Conduct of Monetary Policy

Interest Rate Rules and Global Determinacy: An Alternative to the Taylor Principle

B. Diba (Georgetown University) and M. Canzoneri (Georgetown University) and R. Cumby (Georgetown University) and D. López-Salido (Federal Reserve Board)
Macroeconomic Implications of a Key Currency

Kalin Nikolov (Bank of England) and T. Cogley (University of California), and B. de Paoli (Bank of England), and Ch. Matthes (New York University), and T. Yates (Bank of England)
A Bayesian Approach to Optimal Monetary Policy with Parameter and Model Uncertainty: An Application of Bayesian Model Averaging

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