Politique Economique et Fluctuations Macro Toulouse, France 15 et 16 septembre 2006

 Programme de la conférence

Articles présentés :

  • "Gold Rush Fever in Business Cycles"
    P. Beaudry (University of British Columbia),
    F. Portier (University of Toulouse), and
    F. Collard (University of Toulouse)
  • "Monetary Policy and Stock Market Boom-Bust Cycles"
    L. Christiano (Northwestern University),
    R. Motto (ECB), and M. Rostagno (ECB)
  • "Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy Under Near-Rational Expectations"
    M. Woodford (Columbia University)
  • "Do News Shocks Drive the Business Cycle?"
    S. Rebelo (Northwestern University) and
    N. Jaimovic (University of California, San Diego)
  • "Information Immobility and the Home Bias Puzzle"
    L. Veldkamp (New York University) and
    S. Van Nieuwerburgh (New York University)
  • "How Poor are the Poor?"
    A. Burstein (UCLA), M. Eichenbaum (Northwestern University)
    and S. Rebelo (Northwestern University)
  • "Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets"
    F. Broner (CREI), A. Martin (CREI), and
    J. Ventura (CREI)

Table ronde (Comparison of monetary policy in the US versus in the Euro Area) :
L. Christiano (Northwestern University), J. Gali (CREI), A. Levin (FRB), Ph. Moutot (ECB),
Ch. Pfister (Banque de France), A. Vredin (Sveriges Riksbank)

Discutants :
V. Chari (Fed Minneapolis), P. Beaudry (UBC), F. Broner (CREI), C. Burnside (Duke University),
A. Burstein (UCLA), P. Fève (University of Toulouse et Banque de France),
N. Jaimovic (University of California), J. Matheron (Banque de France)

Comité scientifique :

L. Christiano (Nortwestern University)e-mail : l-christiano@northwestern.edu
F. Portier (University of Toulouse)e-mail : fportier@cict.fr
P. Fève (University of Toulouse et BdF)e-mail : patrick.feve@univ-tlse1.fr
Comité local : 
T. Demoulin (Banque de France)e-mail : thierry.demoulin@banque-france.fr
P. Fève (University of Toulouse et BdF)e-mail : patrick.feve@univ-tlse1.fr
O. Loisel (Banque de France)e-mail : olivier.loisel@banque-france.fr
J. Matheron (Banque de France)e-mail : julien.matheron@banque-france.fr
D. Saunier (Banque de France)e-mail : daniel.saunier@banque-france.fr

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