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Conference Banque de France, PSE G-MonD and CEPII “After the collapse, the reshaping of trade” Paris 25th - 26th may 2011 Conference papers

Session 1:

Abdul Abiad / Prashi Mishra / Petia Topalova (IMF)

How does trade evolve in the aftermath of financial crises?  


Linda Tesar, Andrei Levchenko , Logan T. Lewis (Michigan U.)

The U.S. Trade Recovery: What Goes Down Must Come Up?  


Session 2:


Bernard Hoekman (World Bank)

Global Imbalances: Structural Reform to Support Rebalancing of Global Growth  


Filippo di Mauro (ECB)

Recovery and Beyond: Lessons for trade and competitiveness  


Robert Dekle (University of Southern California), Jonathan Eaton (New York University and NBER) and Samuel Kortum (University of Chicago and NBER)

Global Rebalancing with Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment1

Session 3:


Nicolas Berman (Sciences-Po (Paris) and CEPR) and Philippe Martin - (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva))

The vulnerability of sub-Saharan Africa to .nancial crises: the case of trade


Hiau Looi Kee, Cristina Neagu and Alessandro Nicita

Is Protectionism on the Rise? Assessing National Trade Policies during the Crisis of 2008


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