Atelier sur la croissance, l’innovation et l’automatisation

La Banque de France et le Collège de France organisent un atelier virtuel sur la croissance, l’innovation et l’automatisation le 3 décembre 2020.

Virtual meeting, Zoom

Format: 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion


Preliminary program



Firm's frontiers and the reallocation of IT workers

Sarah Guillou (OFCE) with C. Gaglio and C. Laffineur



Growth Factors in Developed Countries a 1960-2019 growth accounting decomposition

Gilbert Cette (Banque de France) with A. Devillard and V. Spieza



What Are the Labor and Product Market Effects of Automation? New Evidence from France

Simon Bunel (INSEE, Banque de France) with P. Aghion, C. Antonin and X. Jaravel



Are online platforms killing the offline star? Platform diffusion and the productivity of the traditional firms

Mauro Pisu (OECD)  with H. Costa, G. Nicoletti, C. sVon  Rueden



Quelle contribution de la destruction créatrice aux gains de productivité en France ?

Romain Faquet (Trésor) with C. David and C. Rachiq


Technological Change and Domestic Outsourcing of High and Low Skill Occupations

Antonin Bergeaud (Banque de France, Collège de France) with C. Malgouyres, C. Mazet Sonilhac and S. Signorelli

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