Atelier d’été en macroéconomie BdF-SciencesPo

La Banque de France et Sciences Po organisent un atelier d’été en macroéconomie les 21 et 22 juin 2021.

Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd, June 2021

  via ZOOM 

Important: A registration for this workshop is mandatory, please confirm your attendance by emailing
The connection details will be sent in due course.  


June 21. 2.50pm-6.30pm (Paris time)

2.50pm: Connection & welcoming remarks

Session 1: Capital Flows and Exchange Rates

3pm-3.50pm: Keith KUESTER (Bonn)
Exchange Rate Insulation Puzzle (with Corsetti, Müller, Schmidt)

3.50pm-4.40pm: Federica ROMEI (U. Oxford)
Why does capital flow from equal to unequal countries? (with de Ferra and Mitman)

4.40pm-4.50pm: Break

Session 2: Heterogeneous Agents

4.50pm-5.40pm: Alessandro DOVIS (U. of Pennsylvania)
Imperfect Risk Sharing and the Business Cycle (with Berger and Bocola)

5.40pm-6.30pm: Vincent STERK (UCL)
Stock Market Participation, Inequality, and Monetary Policy (with Melcangi)

June 22. 4pm-6.40pm (Paris Time)

Session 3: Monetary and Fiscal Interactions

4pm-4.50pm: Guillaume PLANTIN (SciencesPo)
Fiscal and monetary interactions: A strategic approach (with Barthelemy and Mengus)

4.50pm-5.40pm: Fernando MARTIN (St Louis Fed)

Fiscal Dominance

5.40pm-4.50pm: Break

4.50pm-6.40pm: Marco BASSETO (Minneapolis Fed)
Monetary/Fiscal Interactions with Forty Budget Constraints (with Caracciolo)
Erwan Quintin (University of Wisconcin)

The event is co-sponsored by:
Department of Economics, Chair of Sovereign Debt/ Sciences Po & Banque de France,

Jean Barthelemy (Banque de France)
Nicolas Coeurdacier, (Sciences Po)
Gaetano Gaballo (HEC)
Erwan Quintin (University of Wisconcin)

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