5ème atelier BdF-AMSE en Macroéconomie

La Banque de France et l’AMSE organisent leur 5ème atelier BdF-AMSE en Macroéconomie à Marseille, le 13 juillet 2021

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 Conference venue: AMSE-Université d’Aix-Marseille, 5 Boulevard Bourdet, 13001 Marseille

9.00Victoria Vanasco, Centre de Recerca en Economia International (CREi)
Interest Rates, Asset Prices, and the Allocation of Credit/Information Production and Market Liquidity Over the Cycle, joint with V. Asriyan (CREi), A. Van der Ghote (ECB), and A. Martin (ECB)
Discussant: Carolina Villegas-Sanchez, ESADE
9.50Philippe Martin, Sciences Po Paris
Trade Imbalances and the Rise of Protectionism, joint with S. Delpeuch (Sciences Po Paris) and E. Fize (French Council of Economic Analysis)
Discussant: Lozenzo Rotunno, AMSE


Coffee break
11.10Morten Ravn, University College London
Financial Frictions: Macro vs Micro Volatility, joint with L. Seungcheol (Bank of Korea) and R. Luetticke (UCL)
Discussant: Edouard Challe, European University Institute


14.00Klodiana Istrefi, Banque de France
Monetary policy surprises: from media perceptions to market reaction, joint with Laurent Ferrara (Skema) and Yoseph Yapi (University of Nanterre)
Discussant: Urszula Szczerbowicz, Banque de France
14.50Georgios Angelis, AMSE
Price Setting and Price Stickiness:A Behavioral Foundation of Inaction Bands
Discussant: Erwan Gautier, Banque de France
15.40Coffee break
16.10Giancarlo Corsetti, University of Cambridge
Global inflation and exchange rate stabilization under a dominant currency, joint with L. Dedola (ECB and CEPR) and S. Leduc (San Francisco FED).
Discussant: Julia Schmidt, Banque de France

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