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  • 6th Joint French Macro Workshop (Banque de France, 5 June 2014)

    The sixth Joint French Macro Workshop organized jointly by CREST, École Polytechnique, PSE, Sciences Po, TSE, with the support of Fondation Banque de France will take place on 5 June 2014 at Banque de France (Paris). Applicants should send their papers (PDF file) by 5 May 2014 to : jointmacro@gmail.com


    10th Journée of the Foundation (Banque de France, 4 June 2014)

    The 10th Journée of the Foudation Banque de France will take place on 4 June 2014 in Paris (Banque de France, auditorium). During this conference, the projects funded by the Foundation will be presented. The "Young researcher in economics prizes" will also be awarded on this occasion. The program 

    To register, please send the registration form to: fondation.rech@banque-france.fr by 26 May 2014

    18th call for proposals of research projects

    At its meeting on 13 February 2014, the Board of the Fondation, on the basis of the assessment by the evaluation committee, decided to award a grant of EUR, 30 000 to each of the following projects:

    Breaking the spell with credit easing
    Gaetano Gaballo*, Ramon Marimon**
    *Banque de France, **European University Institute

    Banking regulation and insolvency risk
    Julien Hugonnier*, Erwan Morellec*
    *Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

    Price quality in dark markets : tests of recent theory using controlled experiments
    Elena Asparouhova*, Peter Bossaerts*
    *University of Utah

    Liquidity management and monetary policy
    Javier Bianchi* Saki Bigio**,
    *University of Wisconsin, **Columbia Business School

    Young Researcher in Economics Prize 2014

    The Foundation launches the Young Researcher in Economics Prize. The deadline for submitting is 30 April 2014.


    The Monetary, Financial and Banking Thesis Prize 2014

    The Foundation launches its Monetary Thesis Prize jointly with the French Economic Association (AFSE).

    The prize rewards a thesis in the field of Money, Financial and Banking economics.

    Applications should be sent to the AFSE Secretariat by 30 March 2014.


    Newsletter n°14 - January 2014 

    Visiting scholars in 2014:

    The following persons will be visiting scholars of the Foundation in 2014:

    17 March-21 March 2014
    Juan F. Rubio Ramirez (Duke University)

    22 May-13 June 2014
    Fany Declerck (Toulouse School of Economics)

    30 June - 4 July 2014
    Christiane Baumeister (Bank of Canada)


    Publications of Foundation's research projects in international journals


    Philip R. Lane, Peter McQuade "Domestic Credit Growth and International Capital Flows ", Scandinavian Journal of Economics (forthcoming)

    Denis Gromb, Viral Acharya, Tanju Yorulmazer, "Imperfect Competition in the Interbank Market for liquidity as a rationale for central banking" American Economic Journal, Macroeconomics (forthcoming)


    Frederico Ravenna, Carl Walsh: "Monetary Policy and Labor Market Frictions: A Tax Interpretation ", Journal of Monetary Economics, March 2012, 59(2): 180-195

    Francesco Lippi, Fernando Alvarez, Luigi Guiso : "Durable consumption and asset management with transaction and observation cost", American Economic Review, August (pp. 2272-2300)


    Hyun Song Shin, Gara Afonso : « Precautionary demand and liquidity in payment system  », Journal of Credit, Money and Banking, vol.43, issue supplement, S2, (pp 589-619), octobre 2011

    Federico Ravenna, Carl E. Walsh: "Welfare-Based Optimal Monetary Policy with Unemployment and Sticky Prices: A Linear-Quadratic Framework ", American Economic Journal, Macroeconomics, Vol.3, n° 2.

    Francesco Lippi, Fernando Alvarez, Luigi Paciello : "Optimal price setting with observation and menu costs", Quarterly Journal of Economics, November, Vol. 126, Issue 4.

    Albert Marcet, Klaus Adam, Juan Pablo Nicolini : "Internal rationality, Imperfect Market Knowledge and Asset Prices", Journal of Economic Theory, May, (1224-1252)